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NOTICE: WorldMap Warp is no longer funded so the system cannot accept further uploads and edits. We apologize for the inconvenience. A great substitute is the MapWarper application developed and managed by Tim Waters. As with layers on WorldMap Warp, content in MapWarper is discoverable and usable within the WorldMap platform. Okay


Welcome to WorldMap WARP, a tool based on the MapWarper platform being developed by Tim Waters.

The tool is for digitally aligning (geo-rectifying) scanned historical maps to match today’s precise maps. Visitors can browse maps others have geo-rectified or upload their own to rectify.

Any map which has been rectified here can be brought into WorldMap by following the instructions under Section 3.9.1 in WorldMap Help.

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Last Rectified Maps

Map Title Year Last Updated Status
West cambridge
Cambridge west
2018 2 days ago 5 control points
 corridors and alewife
Cambridge corridors
2018 3 days ago 5 control points
 mix   commercial and mix use
Cambridge commerce
2018 3 days ago 5 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
1901 buffalo ce peltz ben test 5
Compiled by Ben. Download KML
almost 4 years ago 1 map 100%
(1 map)
1838 cambridge layer example
asc Compiled by Tim Waters. Download KML
about 5 years ago 1 map 100%
(1 map)
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